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»An emotional sound experience ecstatic, touching, beautiful!«

When Esh Loh begins to play the piano, it becomes quiet and intense at the same time. In his playing, he explores inner landscapes and transforms them into sounds, into beautiful melodies and powerful, densely woven tapestries of sound. His music is permeated with emotional depth, passion and absolute devotion to the moment. It allows inner images to emerge and the inexhaustible expressions of music to be experienced directly.

For Esh, music is more than the stringing together of beautiful sounds. For him, music is the strongest expression of an all-pervading power and whoever has seen him live could experience how a concert became an emotional and unforgettable event. Click here for all events.


"Music for me is the most beautiful & intense form of magic.
I invite you to experience your inner beauty through this music."
sincerely yours

​"Esh's touching compositions create a tapestry of sound that makes it easy for us to enter into feeling and being. For me, the sound bath was like a "soul bath" that creates a space of silence behind the music that lasts for a long time and has given me a deep connection with everything". (Sonja Niemeyer)

"The Soundbath by Esh Loh was like an hour-long meditation. Afterwards I felt like I had been cleared up inside and nourished at the same time. I felt unusually balanced and content like I hadn't in a long time."

(Ellen Baum)


01_Esh_Loh_Piano_copyright_by_Caroline Wimmer_K1A1560.jpg

"Esh Loh`s music really has an extraordinary harmonising effect. Thank you so much for this wonderful music. You have found a huge fan in me." (Marina Sassman)

"You have the gift of transforming the suffering that happened to you into pure love expressed in your music, what a gift!" (Elias König)


"For me, Esh's music reaches the heart. When I listen to it, I get goose bumps and I feel
feel very clearly that he not only plays his music, but also embodies it." (Lina König)

"Listening to Esh Loh`s music is like a dialogue between the musician and the listener, or rather between the listener and a higher power." (Ava Roth)

"Esh's music is touching and sensitively penetrates the heart. As if the heart were touched by the filigree wingbeat of an angel while listening to the pieces. He has mastered the art of finding a direct way into our hearts through the ear. So deeply and so directly that no concepts and ideas can arise in the mind for a moment, but only pure being is present." (Doris Iding)

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